Props: Our booths come with an array of hand picked props personable to you! We match our props to the theme of your event. Whether you want to keep it simple, vintage, wacky, or wild we have props that will be sure to keep your guests entertained. Booth Set Up:We have three set ups available to fit your Photo Booth needs: Intimate Booth ( 2-4), Party Booth (Up to 8-10), and Open Air set ups. Our booths are scalable and personable. We specialize in customized set ups bringing your dreamiest or wildest ideas to life. All our booths are equipped to provide the perfect setting for your event.

Unlimited Prints: Prints are unlimited … thats right, unlimited! You and your guest can take snaps till your hearts content. We dare to be different offering a 4 x 6 layout that is completely customizable. These prints give an edge to the traditional film strip making your prints easily framable. We provide custom work when designing your print layout matching it to your event. Your one of a kind prints will provide the perfect souvenir.

Online Galley & USB: All photos taken will be available to you and your guest through a password protected online album for you and your guest to enjoy, view, save, and post! You will also receive a digital copy of all photos on a handy dandy usb flash drive for your keepsake.

2 Attendant: No fear our trusty techniques are there. We will always have two professional, trained, and extremely fun attendants on stand by. We have been skillfully trained to create smiles and laughs with the guest encouraging for silly, crazy, sometimes serious moments. After all, we live for those KandidMoments.

A La Carte Items

Custom Booth Backdrop


Personalized Photo Envelopes/ Protectors